Journey is all about three things: Depth, Life, and Action. Depth in our study of scripture, Life in how the word changes how we live, and Action because that knowledge peoples us to move! This night is all about deep discipleship.  


It’s that time of year. Everything is green and growing. Even seasoned gardeners know the decisions you make – such as when to plant, and where – are just guesses, and sometimes they miss the mark. But when realized, failures can become opportunities to change plans in pursuit of a healthy, thriving crop.



The potential for rapid growth in teenagers is something your family’s clothing budget is likely familiar with. These years are also crucial in terms of spiritual,  relational, and educational growth. Time spent with family is the most important and impactful in a child’s life. And that’s as it should be.

This fall, we are making some changes at TheWay to help support your children’s spiritual, relational and educational growth. The first change – a return to meeting on Wednesday nights, gifting back your Sunday evenings to spend as a family, relaxing together or preparing for the start of the school and work week. A second change – we’ll be back in the youth building after some summer upgrades to make it a truly fun and unique place to meet.

Now that we’re on a roll, here’s some more change.

The structure of Wednesday nights has been put together with a lot of thought and prayer. The intent is to provide as much opportunity for your children’s spiritual and relational growth in a way that flexes with your family’s needs. For example, on a heavy homework/sports week, youth may want to come for the opening hour and then head home to tackle the books. If they have an open schedule and desire  to go deeper they can stay for a 35 minute extended biblical discipleship led by adult leaders. This will allow us to have full focus on outreach and also provide a deeper discipleship pathway that fits in one night. Here is what it looks like: 

6:45 – 7:45 | Reaching Out: games, ice breaker discussions, worship, talk

7:45 – 7:55 | Transition: Students are personally invited by peers and leaders to “go deeper” and stay for extended biblical discipleship. Those who need to take care of other responsibilities can leave at this time.

7:55 – 8:30 | Going Deeper: Biblical discipleship and application on how to do life God’s way. 

More future plans include “Going Deeper” outside the walls of our campus, with youth community discipleship groups that meet during the week.


We are extending an invitation to our upcoming freshman to join us at Wild Waves July 26th and Tukwila Tango on August 30th so we can connect before the busy year starts! For the last two weeks we have had their future adult high school leaders visit Crossfire to start relationship building and it has been awesome! 


Personally it has been a year full of hard lessons, deep discoveries, and personal growth for our team. Through all of the challenges we have still celebrated baptisms and big steps towards God. We have started to see growth and excitement in the group this Spring on Wednesday night and along with newly recruited adult leaders the future looks full of exciting anticipation. Please partner with us in prayer as we look toward a new season of ministry. 

-Eric Krueger

High School Pastor
August Events:
August 30:  Tukwila Tango
  Join us as we go to the Family Fun Center in Tukwila!
  Incoming Freshmen through high school seniors (as well as families) are invited to this event.
  Preregistration IS REQUIRED by Monday, August 28.
  3:30-9:00 pm
  $25 plus waiver
TheWay Calendar: May-August 2017