Parenting Is Hard!

We know that parenting is a job and a half, so we want to help you in your pursuit of raising kids who love Jesus. This page gives you some resources that help you engage your kids on a daily basis with Biblical teaching and honest conversations.

Weekly Recap

Every week a recap is posted on the MC Kids Facebook page. This is a great place to start when talking to your kids about what they are learning when they come to church. We update it every Monday with relevant information and questions from the weekend prior. We hope that this can become woven into a weekly rhythm to assist in your call to raise kids who KNOW Jesus, GROW in knowledge & faith, and SHOW the love of Christ. Below are descriptions for the elements you will find within the recap.
The Main Point will be connected to a bible passage and can be used as a summation of the Bible story from the weekend.
The Discussion Questions are a great place to start to get your kid to dig deeper but we encourage you to add some of your own, as you know your kid best.
The Christ Connection helps kids see how the Bible story points to Jesus which helps them find the relevance.
The Key Passage is ongoing through out a unit and helps kids see how the stories are connected (great for a memory verse).
The Big Picture is a question and answer that helps kids learn one big thing from a unit.

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The Bible Project!

Good teaching is hard to come by. especially when you are looking for something engaging. The people at “The Bible Project” have created awesome videos and companion resources to help grasp what the Bible is saying. Watch the video here and check out their Youtube page. These videos are not specifically geared toward kids, so they are a great resource to use when learning along side of your child or to prepare yourself ahead of time when talking to your kid about biblical topics. The best part of it all is that everything is FREE!