spiritual, physical and emotional support offered to those experiencing the loss of a loved one

Mercer Creek Church provides funeral and memorial services at no cost to community members.  Volunteers work together with families to present a service that honors and celebrates the life of their loved one.  

Services Provided

  • A service approximately an hour in length
  • Greeters at entrances and guest book
  • Personalized decor 
  • Caring, compassionate volunteers that work with the family to organize and see to service details
  • A reception approximately and hour and a half in length
  • Complimentary refreshments for the reception
  • Courtesy clean up
  • Personalized content
    • Favorite bible verse, theme or poetry
    • Favorite music 
  • Graveside officiating available based on availability

For More Information:

Contact Pastor Steve Conway by phone 509.933.7800 or email steve.conway@mercercreek.org to schedule or discuss options.