Search Process

  1. Congregation commits to special times of prayer.
  2. Leadership prepares 3 profiles: church, community, pastor.
  3. Board appoints a Search Committee or serves as the Search Committee.
  4. Search Committee communicates profiles with C&MA Field Office and obtains resumes of applicants.  Resumes of additional applicants are secured from other sources.
  5. Search Committee prayerfully reviews resumes and ranks applicants according to level of interest and degree of match with pastoral profile.
  6. An initial phone contact is made with a “short list” of candidates.
  7. References for candidates are contacted and sermons of candidates are reviewed.
  8. The Search Committee recommends the most suitable candidates to the Board. Theses candidates are vetted by the C&MA Field Office and their license-ability verified.
  9. The Board invites a candidate to come for an on-site visit. The candidate meets with people in the church in small and larger groups and preaches in weekend services.
  10. The Board meets to decide whether or not to extend a call to the candidate to serve as the church’s next senior pastor. This decision is communicated with the candidate.  When a call to serve as our next senior pastor is extended, the candidate then will have the opportunity to prayerfully discern his response.  If the candidate accepts the Board’s call, arrangements are finalized regarding a start date and relocation to Ellensburg (if necessary).
  11. If the first weekend visit does NOT result in a positive outcome, the Search Committee resumes the search process until a candidate is finalized.

"Pastor Profile"

The Governing Board and has completed the profile for our next Lead Pastor. This profile will help potential applicants see if Mercer Creek and Ellensburg would be a right fit for them before applying. Please continue praying for the Search Committee as it receives and sorts through the resumes.

Lead Pastor Profile