Why are we planting a church?

God has burdened our leadership with the mission: ‘to advanced God’s Kingdom by loving Jesus and making disciples’. Both God’s love and disciple making come with a very specific kind of math: multiplication. Throughout the Scriptures it is clear that God loves to multiply his efforts so that his purposes can come to fruition. We believe that starting more churches matches God’s heart.

Furthermore, church planting is the most effective way to advance God’s Kingdom. Research has shown that 60% of people attending a church plant were not participating in the life of any church before the church started. Mercer Creek has a deep desire to be on mission and fulfill the Great Commandment.

Additionally, we have a core of people who have been commuting down to Mercer from Upper County and have a deep hunger to be able to care for their own community. Having Mercer in upper county is a win for these people and their neighbors.

We hope this is the first of many church plants.

When will we be starting?

We anticipate starting services in Roslyn by Easter 2020.

How can you be apart?

Please fill out this online form and let us know how you are interested in investing in Mercer Creek’s newest campus. Volunteer Here