A Small Group is 3-12 people who meet regularly to learn more about Jesus, share life together, pray and serve. Our small group ministry exists to create authentic Christian community. Mercer Creek groups are designed to meet five specific needs:

  1.  A place to live out the one another commands. (John 13:34-35)
  2.  A place to give and recieve. (Romans 12:3-8)
  3.  A place to grow. (Matthew 22:38-39)
  4.  A place to encounter God. (Genesis 1:27)
  5.  A place to succeed together where one alone would fail. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

What type of Group?

We have men's, women's, couples, and mixed groups. We hope every person at Mercer Creek will be a part of a group. You decide which type of group is the best fit for you. 


Fill out this form or check the "I want to join a Small Group" box on the "I'm In" card during weekend services.


Are you interested in hosting a group at your home or leading a small group? We desire every person at Mercer Creek to participate in a small group. To make that happen we need more small group leaders! Interested? Have questions? Download the Small Group Leader Orientation packet here and watch the three new leader training videos below! When you have completed the packet and veiwed the videos, fill out this form.

Questions? Contact:

  • Kerry Hansberry Small Groups Director/kerry.hansberry@mercercreek.org
  • 509-933-7800

Small Group Leader Orientation Video 1 Why Small Groups

Small Group Leader Orientation Video 3 Coaching & Care

Small Group Leader Orientation Video 2 The How & What of Groups

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Let's Find A Group For You

 Groups meet at different times throughout the week all over Kittitas County in homes, restaurants and at the church. We would love to help you find a group that is a good fit for you. Click here to sign up for a group today!