A Small Group is 3-12 people who meet regularly to learn more about Jesus, share life together, pray and serve. At the core of every Small Group are three driving purposes: Learn, Care and Serve. 

Encounter Jesus - As groups study the bible together, they support each other in the journey of discipleship and becoming more like Jesus.

Experience Community - Connection happens as life is shared with others, through conversations during group gatherings and life lived together. Groups pray together and are committed to caring for one another.

Equip To Serve - Groups not only learn together, but live out the things they are learning. We encourage groups to be committed to serving others in our church, in our community and around the world.

What type of Group?

We have men's, women's, couples, mixed and Alpha groups. We hope every person at Mercer Creek will be a part of a one group. You decide which type of group is the best fit for you. 


What is an Alpha group and who should attend?

Alpha provides an informal, low pressure opportunity to discuss questions about the essentials of the Christian faith.  Each Alpha session runs for 8 weeks on Sunday evening from 5:30-7:15 pm.  The program includes three elements: a meal, teaching video and small group discussion.  The meal and childcare will be provided.  

We believe the following people would benefit the most by participating in Alpha:

  • People who are currently not part of a small group
  • People who are new to Mercer Creek
  • People who are newer Christ followers
  • People who want to get grounded in the essentials of Christian faith
  • People who are exploring faith in Jesus.  




Fill out this form or check the "Finding A Small Group" box on the Communication Card during weekend services.

Questions? Contact:

  • Kerry Hansberry Small Groups Director/kerry.hansberry@mercercreek.org
  • 509-933-7800


At Mercer Creek Church we are passionate about helping people fully engage in the life and mission of Jesus Christ. We desire that every individual who attends our church would find a place in a Small Group. We believe that spiritual growth and life-change happens best in the context of Small Groups.

Let's Find A Group For You

We have groups for couples, men, women and mixed (both men and women, couples and singles). Groups meet at different times throughout the week all over Kittitas County in homes, restaurants and at the church. We would love to help you find a group that is a good fit for you. Click here to sign up for a group today!