What is Membership?

Membership at Mercer is about believing in the Christian faith AND behaving as such. Our commitment to truth and action are proof of our allegiance to Jesus—this is what membership in the body of Christ looks like. Your affirmation of your consistent belief and behavior qualifies you as a member (not just to Mercer, but to the body of Christ). There are no hoops to jump through—being a fully committed follower of Jesus is your membership.

Qualifications for membership at Mercer Creek Church: 

  • Age 16 and older
  • Being a believer in and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Actively participating in the six core commitments 
    • Consistently cultivating a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
    • Consistently participating in biblical community
    • Consistently neighboring those who live around you
    • Consistently serving in a Mercer Creek Church ministry or another ministry that aligns with our mission, values, and priorities
    • Consistently stewarding personal resources to finance the ministries of Mercer Creek Church
    • Consistently attending Mercer Creek Church corporate worship gatherings and being committed to prayer
  • Affirming Mercer Creek's statement of faith https://www.mercercreek.org/what-we-believe.

Members have an opportunity to vote in church related initiatives such as Governing Board members. 

Membership Affirmation Form