Lead or Host a Small Group

Feeling lost in the crowd? The quickest way to join a small group is to lead or host one. How? We will give you some brief training to get you going. Then, just grab a few friends or couples that you already know. Have them invite a few people they know, pick a time, and start meeting. We can provide curriculum, prayer and all the support you need. Leading a group is simpler than most people imagine!

Once you have read the orientation packet and watched the videos, take the next step. Fill out THIS FORM if you are new to volunteering at MCC. Then fill out THIS FORM about serving as a small group leader. One more form, OUR LEADERSHIP STATEMENT OF FAITH ! Contact Executive Paster Dan Arnold at [email protected] for more information. 

Small Group Leader Orientation

We desire every person at Mercer Creek to participate in a small group. To make that happen we need more group leaders. Interested? Have questions? To get started right now, download the orientation packet by clicking the button below. Then watch the three videos below and you are halfway there!

Orientation Packet

Video 1: Why Small Groups?

Video 2: The How and What of Small Groups

Video 3: Coaching and Care

Groups Serving Together

Groups are encouraged to reach out to our community. There are several reasons why we want our groups to serve together. 

  1. Serving helps a small group unite.
  2. Serving helps your group grow together.
  3. Serving meets real community needs.
  4. Serving accomplishes the mission of MCC which is "To advance God's kingdom by loving others and making disciples". 

Click HERE to find a list of ways your group might serve together.